Philosophy and Mission

East Harlem Block Nursery, Inc.'s (EHBN) early childhood education philosophy is one that firmly believes every child should be treated equally and their individual talents nurtured. Our purpose is to create in every child a positive self-image where they can explore the world around him/her with a positive feeling about himself/herself and others. To that end, EHBN's early childhood education programs provide an environment and experiences that promote respect for children, families, diverse cultures and the community. The staff at EHBN centers are committed to the belief that all children have the ability to learn and grow socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically, regardless of individual strengths and/or weaknesses. Our program encourages individual freedom and self-directed learning through ‘directed’ play within a structured, nurturing and safe environment where all children will be helped to reach their highest potential.

Our mission is to generate leadership through educational and community development programs and services to empower residents to advocate for themselves, their families and their neighbors.

EHBN operates its programs and services guided by the following principles:

  • Education is a lifelong experience which is not limited to the classroom.
  • The early education is a continuation of the educational process which begins at home and in the community.  
  • Parent involved in their child’s education is an essential part of their (the child's) learning experience.
  • Parents encouraged to share their experiences and knowledge.
  • Respect the rights of each child as an individual.
  • Encourage a sense of community for children, their families and staff.
  • Parent participation in the decision-making process is the cornerstone of all EHBN's programs.