Parent's Corner

If it’s information a parent/caregiver needs, or questions they need answered -- this is the place!

When your child is enrolled in one of East Harlem Block Nursery’s early childhood education programs, we consider the whole family enrolled. EHBN’s guiding philosophy is that a child’s development and education is a partnership between the teacher and the parent/caregiver.

In addition to your child’s teacher(s) and the center director, EHBN’s Parent Coordinator, Florence Pearson, is ready to assist you with information, referrals or simply an ear to listen. Ms. Pearson has office hours at each center for our parents’ and caregivers’ convenience. Ms. Pearson can be reached by calling any of the three centers' phone numbers.

When parents participate in their child’s education, it tells the child that they (the child) matter and their parent is interested in his/her learning.”

Florence Pearson, EHBN Parent Coordinator




Let your child help you wash fruits and vegetables. When children help prepare healthy foods, they are more interested in eating them. Eating healthy foods helps them feel good and alert for thinking and learning.


Help your child build a friendship with one other child. Children often feel braver and more willing to join us when they have a friend.


Set a regular bedtime and make bedtime routines. Then your child knows what to expect each night. When children have a regular and predictable schedule, they feel more secure. This will also help them better manage the schedule of a school day.


Listening is an important first step in your child’s learning. Be a model of good listening skills for your child. Let him/her know what he/she says is important, encourage him/her to finish his/her thoughts, and respond to his/her questions.


Reading aloud with your child is a wonderful way to develop a joy of reading early on. Choose a special time and place to read together and make it a part of your routine.


Read aloud some of the signs that you see along the way, like stop signs or store signs. It lets your child see that reading is helpful.

Surround your child with words. Have fun with language: sing songs, read rhymes and play word games.

Being able to focus helps children in school. Encourage your child to focus on his own by doing quiet activities like looking through a favorite book or doing a puzzle.