Teacher's Classroom Wishlist

  • Girl with Lego

ehBN’s teachers are in the classroom (and the sandbox) with their small charges, every day. They know exactly what will enhance and enliven the learning experience of little minds.  So they have great ideas about tools and supplies that will enrich lesson plans and help the early education curriculum come alive for children. Being in the classroom every day, keeping preschoolers engaged in activity that encourages them to think critically and creatively is an awesome job. And our dedicated teachers could use some help with classroom enhancements. 

If you are interested in making a donation of goods or services, please email us at info@ehbn.org.  

Wish List for the PreK classrooms
*IPads (10)
*Children’s Laptop computers (10)
Digital Camera
Early Education Software programs 
*Smart Boards (3)
CD-Player or mp3 player (6)
Art Supplies (appropriate for ages 3-5)
Table and Chair sets 
Water Coolers (10)

Wish List for the toddlers’ (2-3 year-olds) classroom
Children’s Laptops (8)
Alphabet and Number Rugs 
Soft Toys
Science table
Flashcards (appropriate for toddlers)
Large Picture books
CD-Player or mp3 player
Teacher’s Stool

*Quantities represent classrooms at all three centers.